(W Duncan & R Watson)

Anytime that you need a friend I'm going to be here for you
Anytime you need an ear I'll be the one that's true
And if you want to see me soon I'll be there when you call
For you are my reason yes, you are my all
Time is what I have it's the gift of those who care
And as the hours tick away time is the love I have to share
I will be your tower of strength I'll try to keep you warm
I will be your consolation I'll be your haven from the storm
I'll be with you through the night and in the dawn you can be sure
You'll find me sitting by you there's nothing I'll deny you,
Nothing I won't do
I'll speak to you so softly and your confidence I'll keep
I'll try to make you happy I'll even sing you off to sleep

© 2000 Kelvin Records