(W Duncan & R Watson)

Before the ages of the past
Before the light, before the dark
Before the days of ice and snow
Before the wings of long ago
Before the giants walked the Earth
Before the seed had given birth
Before the stone had turned to sand
From the sea, there rose a land
Dalriada, time out of mind
Dalriada, the place you find
Dalriada, the rising call
Dalriada, the first of all
From deep inside the iron core
The melting rocks flow to the shore
Reaching skyward they aspire
Burning palaces of fire
Like the beauty of a star
Reaching out and reaching far
Shining from a bed of flame
The early dawn will bear your name
Though future years will cool the storm
The passions forge when life is born
The cradle bed will long endure
A land so proud, a land so sure
Though seas may claim the mountains tall
And unknown fears may yet befall
Until the fire consume the stone
This is the land I call my own
©2000 Kelvin Records