Don't Stop The Music

(W Duncan & R Watson)

No more care no more trouble
I'll just pack a bag and I'll go
Life's too short for crying
That's a truth I know
There's no use in hanging on
When your hopes and dreams rebound
Got a new life somewhere up ahead
Just waiting to be found

Dont stop the music
I'm still going round
Don't stop the music
I'm not sitting down
Don't stop the music
Don't call out my name
Don't stop the music
I'm still in the game

By the wayside that you stumble
And the pitfalls that you find
You learn how to negotiate
The route you left behind
I'm glad I had your company
In my times of need
But the way to go is forward
Wherever that may lead

Maybe one day you'll remember
When we've gone our different ways
Distance lends enchantment
To old familiar ways
The loving nights together
When inspiration poured so free
When I lived all my life for you
And you loved only me

© Kelvin Records