Like Forever

(W Duncan & R Watson)

I've been waiting like forever
For you to remember I'm still here
Began to doubt it wouldn't happen
Began to think you'd never hear

Began to think you'd never notice
And lose hope there would come a day
That you would smile and really mean it
When you turned to look my way

There was a time when life seemed perfect
Every moment, happiness
Every night was full of meaning
Every day, was a day to bless

But the arrows fell like raindrops
As the clouds went drifting by
Realised the worst had happened
We'd forgotten how to cry

But now, there's something new, I feel it
There's a fresh wind in the air
It just took a little trouble
To remind us how to care

We can't pretend things never happened
But together we can still be strong
And spend our lives together in sharing
A re-born love that still goes on


© 2000 Kelvin Records