(W Duncan & R Watson)

I can see Rosiemay, sweet Rosiemay
Wandering through my dreams
She smiles at me so tenderly
And it very nearly seems
She's here with me and carelessly
Into my heart she steals
And I remember, oh so well
The way the prisoner feels

Oh Rosiemay, sweet Rosiemay
The pleasure and the pain
Across the years I've shed the tears
That time cannot restrain
Cleaving joy and grief thereby
They forge a golden chain
Binding aye to Rosiemay
The pleasure and the pain

I was captured first when Rosiemay
Caught a sunbeam fair
And held it fast upon her lap
and tended it with care
And when she cried to find it gone
I knew upon that day
That I ever would be faithful
To my darling Rosiemay

But a captive bird will beat its wings
Against the prison door
Until the struggle proves too great
And then it sings no more
The hardest thing I had to do
It grieved my heart full store
But I hoped she would return to me
When I let my Rosie go

© 2000 Kelvin Records