Sagittarius Rising

(W Duncan & R Watson)

Somewhere on the vast horizon
As far away as lights can shine
I see an end and a beginning
In some altered space and time
There's a world forever changing
Though it always looks the same
And all the things that we don't understand
We can give them a name

Sagittarius rising
In a cascade of clouds that go by
Sagittarius rising
Through the diamonds and dust in the sky
Sagittarius rising
And the world goes on spinning around
Sagittarius rising
When the heat of the sun has gone down

Eclipsing journeys made together
Through explosions and the strain
Observing all the earthly chaos
Where the fragments keep forming again
The future deep within the frontier
As we try to stay alive
In this love that we don't understand
Sufficient purpose to survive

One small step may take us forward
A tiny fraction of the way
Inching closer on the time scale
That lies a billion years away
And at the centre of the distance
In its power we all belong
And though for now, we don't understand
It keeps pulling us along

I saw that certain look in your eyes
I felt that need that you can't disguise
Jiust like a spring tide rising so free
I knew this thing just had to be
Take it easy time out to unwind
Time to forget all those things on your mind
Don't need an excuse or reason for going
Don't want to lose this love that's growing
Love's a strange mystery
You can't explain it you just can't foresee
Sometimes a flame sometimes a glow
And why it burns you'll never know
I've been waiting to hold you near
The time is now the place is here
We've got the mood and we've got the night
We'll find the way to make it right

© 2000 Kelvin Records