Scattered Leaves

(W Duncan & R Watson)

When I said goodbye
I knew it was the end
I knew that you could not return
Though you were my only friend
And I wish that you were here
To help me through the day
I wish that I could hear your voice
To guide me on my way

Autumn blows the scattered leaves
Falling in my mind
In your footsteps I retrace
Another world to find

I can't tell you how I learned
Sometimes you have to bend
For all the times that I was wrong
Too late to make amends
But I think you always knew
Some day I'd recognise
I'd understand what lay behind
The sadness in your eyes

Sometimes I feel you near
Like you're walking by my side
Advising me to carry on
So I can say I've tried
Said goodbye so long ago
Yet closer still somehow
In this life of troubled time
I know you're with me now


© 2000 Kelvin Records