(W Duncan & R Watson)

In the empty silence of my room
The moving shadows fall
By firelight they cast a spell
And memories recall
The flickering faces come and go
Inviting to explore
A hidden path where echoes sigh
Beyond a secret door
On a winding road through dancing night
In summer young and fair
When reckless hearts reach out too far
The consequence to dare
In a distant dream lie fields so green
Through forest rising high
Where the threads of life entwine below
A vast and endless sky

Through the restless hours the shadows weave

And yet my thoughts return
As illusions fade and rise again
The fires of night still burn
Consuming all that time has framed
The flames refuse to die
And Phoenix like they flare again
Where glowing embers lie
Oh the past can not be left behind
No matter how we try
The image moves across my mind
And tears I can't deny
The morning shades of grey appear
In wandering clouds above
And still I taste the bitter sweet
Elusive dream of love

© Kelvin Records