Stab You In The Back

(W Duncan & R Watson)

Caesar reached the forum
Upon the fifteenth day
He did not heed the warning
Beware, beware
The purple robes were ready
Brutus and the pack
Keep the show for the status quo
And stab you in the back

It's the name of the game
It's the coward's attack
You won't hear a sound
Coming from behind to stab you in the back

Zinoviev sent a letter
The bear is by your side
The press were most obliging
To broadcast nationwide
But the letter was a forgery
To push you off the track
And send you down the rusty road
To stab you in the back

They said he was a madman
Just a crazy shade of red
He said “But I'm the patsy”
So they shot him dead
No more Mister Bad Guy
No more Mister Jack
If they hear you shout they take you out
And stab you in the back

The miner's strike was bloody
And Peter was the friend
A brother to be trusted
Until the bitter end
But the blade he had been hiding
Was a blacker shade of black
He said “Thanks for the Memory”
And stabbed you in the back

So who will be next
When the dirty trickster tries?
Who's gonna be next
To feel their cheating lies?
They're hiding in the woodwork
And they'll put you on the rack
To manoeuvre for position

© 2000 Kelvin Records