Summer Storms

(W Duncan & R Watson)

I saw the glass was falling
Under skies of gray
Forecast stormy weather
There's thunder in the air
Red sky in the morning
It's a bad sign for today
I knew it was a warning
There's trouble on the way

Summer storms in the sky Summer storms below
Summer storms in my mind Summer storms that blow


Rumbles in the distance
Feel it getting near
Its going to be a strong one
And I know its coming here
There's nowhere left to hide away
Nowhere left to run
Got to wait and see it through
Till the worst is done


Lightning strikes the same place twice
Flashing through the rain
And when you think you've had enough
Then it strikes again
Heaven cries and rivers rise
How the teardrops flow
Wash your world down to the sea
As you stand and watch it go

And when conflict's over
And everything is still
You gather all the pieces
And you know you always will
You won't give in, you won't give up
You hope for a better day
Summer storms blow up so fast
And then they pass away

© 2000 Kelvin Records