Techno Trap

(W Duncan & R Watson)

Batten down the hatches
Shut the windows lock the doors
They might crash through the ceiling
They might come through the floor

They're gradually invading
Every haven that you find
Soon they're going to format
In the corners of your mind

Help! No! Take it away
Surplus of technology
Some day when I need a fix
I'll overdose on microchips

Got a row of pretty flashing lights
Amber, red and green
All you need for company
Is a keyboard and a screen

Can you hear me when I'm talking
Do you know that I'm alive
Someday I'll just take the bus
On that brand new megadrive

They're everywhere around me
I can't pick up the phone
Electronic voices
Made of silicone

Got a message to communicate
No one seems to care
I'm talking to machinery
Is anybody there

Your software is unstable
Your hardware took a dive
You need a digital transfusion
To help you to revive


© 2000 Kelvin Records