The Iceman

(W Duncan & R Watson)


The Iceman is coming
He'll bring the snow
To lay a white blanket on the cracks below
He'll creep through your world
So far and wide
And take away the trouble that you feel inside

Here comes the Iceman
Here comes the Iceman

The Iceman is coming
He'll soon be here
Then there's no more pain and there's no more fear
He'll make you numb
And he'll turn you cold
Forget for while that you sold your soul

The Iceman is coming
To cool your mind
He'll put out the fire that's making you blind
He'll freeze your brain
With the frost he brings
When the snowflakes fall you won't feel a thing

The Iceman is coming
But you hear no sound
In the frozen domain of your wasted ground
It's growing dark
And you pay the price
In your heart he left a little sliver of ice

© Kelvin Records