You'll Find Your Way

(W Duncan & R Watson)

When you're looking at your life and nothing seems right
And it seems like you're heading for the longest night
When you can't see ahead for the trouble behind
And you feel insecure and afraid in your mind
Go easy on yourself, why don't you take your time
It's a long way to go and a hard way to climb
You've got something to give and you've got something to say
Go easy on yourself and you'll find your way
Sometimes you gamble and sometimes you fall
If you don't take a chance you do nothing at all
You can get something wrong, you can make a mistake
It's all part of living and the risk that you take
Just being human isn't necessarily a sin
You're not in a race and you don't have to win
Don't keep saying sorry, you don't have to be best
Because everyone here needs the help of the rest
© Kelvin Records